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We are an investment banking and venture capital advisory firm that focuses on the healthcare industry.  We have relationships with corporate partners, venture capitalists, hedge funds, family offices, and HNWI internationally.  We represent companies and venture capitalists in biotech, pharma, diagnostics, devices, and imaging.

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We listen to clients' goals for financing and do deep research for the right financial partner that includes family offices, angels, venture capitalists, hedge funds, and small funds. We provide personalized venture capital and investment banking advisory services. We keep the number of companies from one to three. We put together co-lead investors to help make the transition go smoothly. We represent multiple companies and venture capitalists in foreign countries looking for a foothold in California and the U.S. We work with U.S. companies looking for relationships internationally. We understand cultural differences and can help bridge the gap of communication on deals.

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Expertise at targeting financial partners internationally. We create extensive relationships with private funding sources—from family offices to strategic angels. We build solid associations with healthcare and technology venture capitalists throughout the world. We comprehend the complexity of creating tranches in an investment. We work with lead investors and help put international syndicates together. We represent venture capitalists and individual companies and we understand the key points of closing deals.


We understand how to create materials that synthesize the company’s strengths and message. We work with multiple CEOs and help design winning and concise pitches while providing personalized assistance on each call with investors and find areas that can be improved. We research influencers and non-profits in the scientific community that can help sway financiers' opinions. We analyze the current venture market for your company and find out which other companies in your space are getting financed and why. We design multi-tiered strategies of creating associations with the best financial partners.

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